The Newest Open World Games From Low Poly Diskroid Only Up 3D Parkour

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The Newest Open World Games From Low Poly Diskroid, ever wondered how it’d feel to leap from building to building without fear, the wind rushing past as you perform gravity-defying stunts? With parkour mobile game, you can experience these adrenaline-fueled parkour thrills right from your mobile – no sweat, no risk, only pure excitement.

The mobile game is not your average time-killer. It’s a gateway to a world where only gravity limits you, and even that can be defied. Imagine launching off from dizzying heights, somersaulting mid-air and then landing safely even before your heart stops racing – that’s ‘Only Up’ for you.

Going Up Taking Mobile Gaming to a Whole New Level

Only Up 3D Parkour
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The realistic physics, combined with smooth gameplay and stunning 3D visuals, make ‘Only Up’ an immersive parkour experience. You, as the player, can maneuver through skyscrapers, leap over gaps, sprint across narrow ledges, and even show-off with some fancy in-air tricks.

The essence of parkour is the thrill of the run, the sensation of the freight, which is truly captured in ‘Only Up’. Each level takes you higher, pushing you to dare more, enticing you with the views of the cityscape below, and challenging you to beat your own records.

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Gameplay Graphics Immersed in a 3D Universe

Whether you are an avid adrenaline junkie or a casual mobile gamer looking for a unique gaming experience, android game serves the purpose. With its hypnotic graphics, challenging gameplay, and compelling parkour essence, ‘Only Up’ offers a rush like no other. So, why wait? Take the leap and get a taste of the skyscraping action today!

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